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EHA 2024 preview – Shattuck has a heart scare

An early study of the group’s anti-CD47 project SL-172154 has seen waning efficacy, a heart attack and a death.

ESMO Breast Cancer 2024 – Olema digs deep to declare victory

Plenty of questions remain about the latest palazestrant data drop as investors hope for a Novartis buyout.

Bolt’s setback didn’t come out of the blue

The company scraps its lead project and clears out its C-suite, but there was already a precedent.

Servier completes its retreat from cell therapy

The sale of remaining rights to Allogene ends acrimony between the two companies.

The month ahead: May’s remaining events

ASCO is fast approaching, but in the meantime Olema will have an important readout.

Immatics’ PRAME gift keeps on giving

The company dribbles out more data on IMA203, and the numbers head in the right direction.