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A second-line degrader battle beckons

Readouts for Lilly and Pfizer/Arvinas loom, but many SERD hopefuls are now focused on earlier-stage breast cancer.

The Revolution is here, and it’s... confusing

The group reaffirms pancreatic cancer promise with RMC-6236, but has it found the best dose?

Immutep tries again

After Tacti-003’s controlled cohorts fail, Immutep plays up single-arm data in PD-L1 non-expressers.

Reality Bites again for Amgen

Micromet’s tech has yielded two marketed drugs, one still in the clinic... and 14 discontinuations.

Amgen packs up in Claudin6

Meanwhile, Torl BioTherapeutics appears to be catching up with BioNTech.

Scancell faces its big decision

Data in the coming months will inform which immunotherapy the UK company takes into pivotal development.