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Affimed tries to convince with seven patients

Luminice-203 yields its first topline data, but where are all the patients?

Revolution sees a new pan-KRAS challenger

Pfizer moves to take PF-07934040 into its first clinical trial.

FDA green and red lights: May 2024

Breyanzi and Imdelltra head up May’s approvals, while camrelizumab’s CRL is a lowlight.

Replimune challenges Iovance

The company’s vuso-vec looks similar to Amtagvi, and could have safety and convenience advantages.

Telix heads to the US, as RayzeBio runs into problems

Supply continues to cause headaches for radiopharmaceutical developers.

ASCO 2024 movers – Affimed wins, Caribou loses

As the dust settles on ASCO the weekend’s immediate winners and losers emerge.